Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A marvellous mess

A blog is a funny thing. I always think I have so much to say, but faced with an empty page I find that words don't always come. Strange.

The last week has reminded me how fleeting happiness can be. Not that I'm unhappy, I've just been very close to someone who has had one of their biggest dreams crushed in the space of a few hours. It cuts me deep, seeing someone else's world flipped on its head, knowing how it can feel, knowing that nothing I say or do can change that for them. The hardest thing about being able to empathise is the impotence that comes with your shared understanding of pain. I don't know why people assume that other people who have dealt with something will automatically be able to help you understand it when it happens to you. I think it's a rare person who can take the lesson only from their pain, who can disassociate all the emotion that comes with it and put the truth of it into a sensible form for another. Hmmm.

While pondering all of this today I kept my hands busy with happy work, baking cupcakes to surprise our staff and suppliers. There's something about working with my hands that just soothes me. Call it karmic balancing. Happy hands and a troubled head. A marvellous mess indeed.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A broken axe

The other morning at work started as it usually does, I arrived 15 minutes late, my boss pretended not to notice, and we headed down to her kitchen for a dose of caffiene and a quick chat about what we expected from the day.

So there we were, perched in front of the giant coal stove trying to warm our hands while the kettle boiled, when a cloud of smoke knocked at the kitchen door. Well, the smoke didn't really knock, it just surrounded Agrippa, the gardener, who had actually knocked. He's a decent chap, stoned as often as not, which is a source of great amusement for me and great contention between him and our mutual employers. But I digress, the message Agrippa had was that the axe had been broken. Details of exactly how this happened were sketchy, but it got me thinking about how those things we know to be strong can be (relatively) easily broken and how those things we deem to be fragile can just keep bouncing back from attempts to destroy them. Things like dignity, things like joy, things like self-image. There is more to this, but now is not the time to elaborate I think.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A small blue stain

It's the voting that finally did it. Made me start this blog I mean. I've been planning to start a blog for about 3 years now, just waiting for inspirations to pass and dedication to set in. Anyway.

Today in South Africa was a big day, our 4th democratic national elections. It was an even bigger day than usual for voting because, thanks to the power of the many social networking websites, voting has become a cool thing to do amongst the youth of this country. About time the apathy hit the road.

I, myself, was a voting virgin until this very evening, I returned triumphant with a little blue stain on my thumbnail - a badge to show the world that I care about the future of the country I call home. So there it is. Man I feel proud :)