Thursday, April 29, 2010

What the hell am I doing with my time?

Being a mom is time-consuming. And hard sometimes. And easy sometimes. And how can parts of it like breastfeeding feel so natural that I don't even have to think about it when I'm still trying to figure out stupid things like whether my boy needs to be in different nappies? (Is it weight / fit / absorbency or a combination of all three and when they leak out the side is that the size or the brand or both or am I not putting them on right or did Ezra just point his little hosepipe in the wrong direction??) ((And how did my life get so upside down that all I fixate on is nappies??)) Urgh, I'm sure I'll figure it out - trial and error makes for entertaining stories if not resolution of the problem.

But back to the question of my missing time.
I have exams in a week - 8 days to be precise. I don't remember what the subject is, I need to make time for studying but all I can think about is whether I remembered to feed the rabbits and what I'm going to make for dinner and when I'm going to find time to make dinner. Sleeping through the night is very good and kind of my boy but it means he's awake and wanting to be entertained and carried around ALL DAY. Sure, he has a few catnaps but this usually means him falling asleep in my arms and when I put him down in his cot / on the couch / in the washing basket he wakes up. And wants to be carried. Again. I have mastered the art of many single-handed activities but wielding sharp knives and leaning over hot stoves with him lurching around on my hip seems slightly dangerous and somewhat irresponsible. At night when he sleeps I need to cook, eat, shower and get in a bit of sleep for myself. So no studying then. See my dilemma?

Perhaps I need to sit him on my lap and read my textbook out loud to him in the hopes I will absorb some of it myself....  Pah, who said being a stay-at-home mom was easy?

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  1. Ah, the many joys of motherhood! It's funny looking back at those early days isn't it?