Thursday, May 6, 2010

Money - the root of all confusion

Crikey. Am I a bit slow in noticing how expensive everything got all of a sudden? Today, I filled up my car, grabbed a few groceries and got my boytjie's nappies for the month. And I came home two frikkin' grand poorer. Not so kiff when you're spending the dregs of your maternity savings (now highly diluted by your husband's hard earned cash). Or am I just feeling a bit more sensitive to cost because I'm not the one who worked for the money?

It's a weird thing to be 'kept'. Perhaps it's just my upbringing, but I feel quite strongly about earning my keep. As a kid I didn't get pocket money unless my allotted chores were done. As an adult in the working world, the same. But as a mom, well, I'm not sure what my chores are and what constitutes me having earned my time at home.
Is it enough that my kid is fed and clean and mostly happy? Or does it include the effort I put into stimulating his grey matter sufficiently? And the usual household duties that my husband and I shared when we were both working, are those solely my responsibility now too? And if I do a bit extra does that mean I get to spend a bit more?

It's not that Shane expects me to account for my dipping into his bank account. As long as there's food on the table and our savings are in good order I don't think he's bothered with what I spend. But I am. It's like I'm afraid that the good housewife police are going to turn up here with a pack of auditors and catch me taking more than I'm giving. WTF?


  1. Hi Tammy - I'm new to your blog and have been reading it backwards - great find. Cheers

  2. Thanks Margot - I'm a great fan of your blog too :)