Friday, May 7, 2010

Frustration Friday

Apparently my boy is teething. Or at least I hope that's what it is because the alternative is that he is just a moody, grumpy little shit and I'm justified in thinking I should give him away. Yes he's young for teeth, but I had four by the time I was his age so I'm hardly surprised. Irritated, but not surprised.

I get a bit riled by the phrase 'ah shame, he's probably teething'. It's like 'shame, he's probably a bit colicky'. Teething and colic. The universal parental explanations for grumpy children. And how come when you're an adult and you're being a grumpy arse people don't say things like 'ah shame'. They say things like 'take your PMS elsewhere biaaatch'. Sympathy ain't for grown-ups it seems.

So back to these supposed teeth. Why don't animal babies turn into whining monsters when they're teething? I've had my fair share of puppies and I don't recall any of them writhing around in self-pity and clutching at their mouths. They just find a suitable table-leg or shoe to take it out on. I've offered Ezra a slipper but he's not that interested. I suspect he's having me on.

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