Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marvellous Monday

I don't generally acknowledge Mondays. I like to put on my blinkers on Sunday nights and take them off again on Tuesday mornings, so that there's no possibility of me allowing what happens in between to set the tone for rest of my week. By that you can deduce that Mondays are normally not the most fun day of the week for me. Today was different.

To start, when I woke up I was still basking in the afterglow of a glorious weekend with some very special people. On Saturday we loaded up a car - two husbands, two wives, two little people and their fourteen tons of luggage, a cooler box, a heap of warm clothing and a sausage dog - and we headed out to Fort Nottingham for the annual Highland Games. The weather cooperated beautifully and standing on the side of a field in the mist and rain with an icy wind blowing and hairy men running around in kilts, you could almost believe you were in Scotland. A couple of hours later we loaded everyone back in the car and came back home to defrost our Durbanite friends in front of our fireplace, a job made easier with the addition of strong coffee and lots of warm, spicy pancakes. Mmmmm.

Sunday dawned clear and bright, and we took full advantage by spending the morning out in the garden having a photoshoot to mark my boy's three-month un-birthday. Isn't he cute??

It's a wonderful thing having a friend who knows the business end of a camera. Thanks again Kel.

And then just to put the icing on the Cupcake, I get an email to say I've been given a Versatile Blogger award by Coral-Leigh. Thanks Cupcake Mommie :)

There are a few rules to be followed when accepting the award:

First, thank the blog that sent it our way - done and dusted.

Next, share seven things about yourself:

1) I have the best circle of friends in the world. Ever.
2) I like to eat Rice Krispies with condensed milk on them
3) I have witnessed two suicide attempts
4) I do my best housework whilst dancing in heels to loud, cheesy 90s rock
5) I am very good at listening
6) I love my husband more than I dare to tell him
7) I love my son more than I dare to tell myself

And last but by no means least, pass the award on to ten blogs you've recently discovered and found deserving of this award. In no particular order:

1) BillyJeanJane
2) MamaMeeA
3) Jou ma se blerrie blog
4) MomAgain@40
5) Baglett
6) As I see it..
7) The Reluctant Mom's Blog
10) ThrowingQuarters

So here you are fellow bloggers - your award. Ain't it purdy?


  1. Thanks Tammy! You've made my Tuesday! (I don't like Tuesdays) :D

  2. Thank you! http://mamameea.blogspot.com/2010/05/spreading-some-more-blogger-love.html

  3. Only say this now, well thank you very much ...