Saturday, July 16, 2011

This is not an update.

I'm giving mobile blogging a go. Not because I'm unable to do this on my laptop, but because my office is roughly seven degrees below zero and I'm trying really hard not to cart said laptop all over the house with me. (I have actually realised that this makes the most basic feature of a portable computer redundant. Ah well.) I've been draft blogging, which I guess isn't really blogging at all, for weeks now but I keep catching myself summarising my activities since my last post. There's no bloody life in a list like that.

This past weekend I had my very first night away from Ezra, two nights away, in fact. My mom just about peed herself with excitement when I asked if she would consider having him for a sleepover. She's cool like that. He was not particularly put out by our absence, my mom chose to hide his nursery rhyme book though, following his repeated missions around the house with it, calling for his Dad and Mama to read to him. Too sweet.

And while he was behaving like a completely well-adjusted child, I was a blubbering idiot all weekend. I cried thinking about him, I cried at pictures of him on my phone. I cried in case he was missing me, and more when I realised he wasn't. I took back all those times I had wished for a day off. I wished my weekend away so I could get back to him. It really was quite as melodramatic as it sounds. Gawd.

Fortunately, my husband and dear friends found ways to distract me. We went out for a nice, boozy dinner, indulged in a little retail therapy and hit the beach at sunset for some rad homegrown tunes at the Mr Price Pro. And since our dreams of sleeping 'til noon were shattered by our traitorous internal clocks (which have been bullied into adulthood by 16 months of early morning wake-ups), we borrowed a few helmets and a motorbike and joined in on a breakfast run. It was frikking fantastic. I'm actually thinking of getting my license, although I've got to admit that hanging onto Shane at high speed appeals to me in a way that going solo never could. It's sexy, I won't deny it.

So, what's going on in your worlds?

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  1. Ah, first nights away, well done! I'm glad you had such a good time. It's crazy how hard it is. I had my first nights away from Rhys when I was in SA for my mom's memorials last month, since the boys don't have passports at the moment (with the UK home office). It was 6 nights away, and weaning at the same time - my breasts certainly objected, and I BEGGED a breast pump on day 2. I missed Clive and the boys, but the time was so full of people, plans, tears, and 3am bedtimes that I was mostly too busy and exhausted to dwell on it much. I knew Rhys would be fine - I was more worried about Clive (who handled it no problem, of course).

    What I have never had is a night away with Clive, without the kids, which is a little scary when you consider that Tristan will turn 4 in just over a month, but not surprising when you consider that we have no family here so no one to babysit. I am, however, toying with asking my mother-in-law if she would mind taking both boys for a night while we are in SA on holiday in December, and I'm very excited at the prospect! Our body clocks may still wake us early, but we could roll over and just cuddle with no little people between us. Bliss....